Metal tile

Overview of metal tiles

Stone coated metal roofing tile is the use of high technology production, excellent anticorrosion property of galvanized steel as substrate, with strong weathering of acrylic resin as adhesive, to color natural basalt pieces of gravel for the surface layer of the new senior roofing material. Because of its beautiful, lightweight, durable, environmental protection, in recent years has become the mainstream of international roofing products. Our company is committed to R & D and production design is exquisite, sophisticated materials, excellent quality stone coated metal roofing tile products, for domestic and foreign customers to provide beautiful, durable, safe, environmentally friendly world-class roofing system.

Stone coated metal roofing tile applicable in roofing project of of all kinds of style and structure of wood structure, steel structure, concrete structure) slope of the roof of the building, also apply to both the construction of flat change slope, the old roof renovation and building local decoration and other engineering.

Metal tile structure

Color metal tile structure - aluminium zinc plate

Aluminium zinc plate is zinc aluminum alloy structure composed by 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon in 600 DEG C high temperature solidification and composition, the entire structure by aluminum - iron - silicon - zinc, forming a dense four yuan crystal a alloy coated steel sheet. Corrosion resistance: protective function of aluminum and zinc. Corrosion resistance than ordinary galvanized sheet 6-8 times. Corrosion resistance for 50 years.
Heat resistance: high temperature oxidation resistance, 315 degrees Celsius environment will not change the long-term use of color
Heat reflective: aluminium zinc plate heat reflectivity higher than 75%, is twice the galvanized steel sheet, people often use it to make the thermal insulation material.

Color metal tile structure of natural stone

The color stone metal tile
Natural basalt: wear resistance, low water absorption, noise and noise reduction
High temperature sintering of inorganic pigments, color stability.

Color metal tile structure adhesive

Water based acrylic resin: the use of safety, saving resources and energy, reduce environmental pollution and pollution and other advantages, unique formula, super strong weather resistance, design life of more than 50 years. And Dalian Chemical Research Institute, the Dalian Institute of chemical industry, Dalian University of Technology and other units of the relevant experts jointly conducted research and development